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We don’t pretend to be natural and organic.
We truly are natural and organic.

Our products have no odour, chemicals, dyes or detergents. No ammonia, surfactants or phosphates are present in any AquaMedia products. Therefore – there are no lingering airborne chemicals after spraying it and there is nothing left behind on cleaned surfaces waiting to be latched on to users’ hands, feet, faces or paws.

We believe that good cleaning products should be safe for the whole family to use with a clean conscience.

At a typical household, it was common to see cleaning products that contain a long list of unpronounceable hazardous chemicals, often at the reach of children that could not recognize the health issues associated with inappropriate handling of those chemicals.

There is a growing trend of Canadians that are conscious of the many chemicals surrounding their everyday lives and the impact those have on their health.

We seek to enhance this trend and create products that are perfect for everybody. That includes those with environmental sensitivities, those who are respiratory challenged, anyone with severe allergies and those who are environmentally conscious.

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