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Introducing AquaMedia - All Natural Cleaning Solutions

At AquaMedia, we have invented and perfected a series of natural and organic cleaner polishes that are both effective, and remarkably versatile. We have discovered a methodology to extract calcium and an abundance of minerals from an organic source in the Atlantic Ocean to create the perfect cleaning solution. We have shattered the paradigm that cleaners need to have detergents, phosphates, surfactants, fragrances and other toxic chemicals, because our ingredients are simply pure water, calcium and minerals from an organic source. We leave a residue behind a durable microfilm of organic calcium that resists fingerprints that is anti-static and beads water off, staying cleaner, longer, making it easier to clean the next time around. Our solution is a safe, environmentally friendly, and an effective option for your cleaning product of choice.

Hear from our customers

“I use Aqua Clean because I can clean my kitchen counters without worrying about leaving toxins in a shared space.”

– Sarah Lavandier

“I’m so excited that I finally found a glasses cleaner that works! I’ve tried several different brands in the past but nothing compares to Aqua Media. I use the glasses not only to clean my personal reading glasses but the mirrors in my home, as well as my windows. I also use it to clean my glass stove top.”

Alicia McKenzie

“I use Aqua Clean because I don’t have to change cleaners. It will clean counters perfectly, the top of my stove, and I am also very pleased with the way it cleans windows - you don’t have to go over them again and again. This is the best stuff out there!”

Jerry Boudreau


Lindsey Coshell