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Aquaclean General Surface Cleaner

CAD $19.99

AquaClean — From the office to the classroom, from the kitchen to the bathroom, our multi-purpose cleaner is perfect for any use. It is 100% natural and organic, so it is safe for use on any surface, particularly any used to prepare food. And forms a protective barrier against dirt and grime, so you can get everything clean in less time.

Our cleaners are not only highly effective but also 100% organic. Whether you have environmental sensitivities, respiratory issues, or just want to protect your family, our products are safe to use every day. Better yet, you can clean less frequently, because our products form a protective barrier against grit and grime every time you use them.

  • Size:700ml

Having just built a new home with an all-glass shower enclosure – keeping it sparkling was a challenge. AquaClean has fixed that; no more squeegees! It stays clean and nothing sticks to it. I also love using it on my windshield, inside and out; bugs don’t stick.

My cleaning lady absolutely loves the cleaner you sent. She did every window in our house and didn’t use up the first bottle yet. She is very impressed with its effectiveness and the fact that it doesn’t stink like most cleaner do. I will definitely be reordering.