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Chrome Care

CAD $9.99

Chrome Care—Natural and organic, Chrome Care is made for chromium, plastic, acrylic, Plexiglas, fibreglass, or any non-porous surface. Its protective coating makes it easy to wash away bugs on any exterior and it will not yellow, smoke, or burn off exhaust pipes. Whether you use it on your car, boat, or motorcycle, you’ll take a shine to it.

Our cleaners are not only highly effective but also 100% organic. Whether you have environmental sensitivities, respiratory issues, or just want to protect your family, our products are safe to use every day. Better yet, you can clean less frequently, because our products form a protective barrier against grit and grime every time you use them.

  • Size:110ml

I use Chrome Care on my fridge at home - the best metal cleaner I've have seen so far!